The story behind our name (The Remnant Warehouse) is that we specialise in remnant fabrics. The majority of our stock has come in originally from designers and manufacturers locally in the fashion industry, rather than ordering in from a supplier or wholesaler. This presents a 'win - win - win' situation for all parties involved. Firstly, the designer benefits because they’re able to recoup some of the cost of what were essentially dead stock fabrics. This supports the designers financially and allows them to put the money back into their business, and continue to keep their business in Australia. Secondly, for us, we are able to purchase fabrics that are much more affordable than what we are able to obtain through wholesalers and manufacturers. And finally, our customers benefit by having the access to exclusive and unique fabrics that are near impossible to find else where, at prices that are cheaper than what the designers themselves had paid for them originally . Our customers are also able to access brilliant pricing without minimum order quantities, and can order what they need without having to commit to the roll size quantity, lowering wastage.

Designer remnant fabrics make up more than 95% of our range. Once a designer remnant fabric has sold out, it is normally gone for good. We can't source or re-order them in again, and we aren't able to take custom fabric requests. We recommend ordering as much as you might need of that fabric for now and in the future as early as possible, as waiting will often result in the fabric selling out.

Having said this, there are some fabrics that we stock ongoingly for customers who rely on continual stock of the same products. These fabrics are indicated by a pink Stock Service bubble on the product on our website. If you try to order an amount of a stock service item on our website and our website is not allowing that quantity to go through, all it takes is a quick email to us to enquire on availability. The majority of our stock service items where the stock isn't already available in store will arrive into our shop between 2-3 business days, but this can vary depending on availability and order size.

We always recommend ordering samples first. While two fabrics may have the same name (for example Matte Spandex) it's likely that they came from 2 different sourced and vary greatly from roll to roll. More information about samples can be found here. Similarly, two products may have the same colour name, but this does not mean that they are the same shade or are expected to match.

We offer every customer a 20% discount when they are ordering 10m+ of a fabric, and a 10% discount on trims for orders of 10m+ This is 10m+ of a particular item, not combined across several items. We do not wholesale or require an ABN or NZBN to obtain these savings, they simple apply automatically once you have added a minimum of 10m of that item to the cart.