Designer Fabrics for the Environment

More than 95% of our inventory are designer remnant fabrics which we have purchased from local designers within Sydney at the end of their collections. Typically, these fabrics would sit around in fashion houses or ateliers gathering dust, or worst- be on route to become landfill.

By purchasing our designer fabrics, you’re not only breathing new life into an otherwise ‘discarded’ fabric, but you’re lowering the demand of textile production by ‘fast fashion’ manufacturers. 

We sell our fabrics with very little mark up, meaning that slow, ethically produced fashion pieces are not just for those who have a couple of hundreds of dollars to spare for a garment. Our fabrics are generally $4.95-$14.95 per metre, making them more accessible for a greater number of people. With some basic sewing skills (see our pattern range online here) you can look great, support the environment and better fashion trade practices on a small budget!

Environmental Practices in Store

The Remnant Warehouse is committed to continuous improvement of its practices in order to lower the impact our store has on the environment.

Here are some of the initiatives we have employed to lower our footprint

  • Removal of single use plastic bags - remember to bring your bags when you come visit!

  • All fabric tickets are printed on recycled cardboard

  • All tickets for fabrics which are no longer available are cut up and reused for fabric quantity markers

  • All paper is reused as note paper in store, and when both sides have been used the paper is then shredded and donated to local animal shelters and pet stores for litter

  • All fabrics find a home: even the misprints, the faulted knits, the marked fabrics. There are lots of uses for fabrics beyond clothing production- we never throw fabric away!

  • Our pink liners used for online orders to ensure your fabrics don’t get wet are made from degradable plastic

  • Our cardboard rolls are reused until the point at which they are no longer fit for service, and when this occurs they are recycled. Our fabric rolls are all from designers or donated- we do not order or purchase these from a supplier

We will continue to improve as we search for alternative ways to lower plastic and paper use without negatively impacting the quality of our products.