Know Your Fabrics
Posted: May 19, 2023

What are "shot' fabrics?

Shot Fabrics Online

"Shot fabrics" typically refer to fabrics that have a shot effect or shot appearance. Shot fabrics are created by weaving together two different colored yarns or threads, usually in a plain weave or a satin weave structure.

How are shot fabrics made?

The two different colored yarns are interwoven in such a way that they create a distinct visual effect. The warp yarns (threads running lengthwise) are usually one color, while the weft yarns (threads running across the width) are a different color. As the fabric is woven, the different-colored yarns intersect, creating a subtle or dramatic color shift depending on the desired effect.

What are the benefits of shot fabrics?

The resulting fabric has a unique visual texture and can exhibit iridescent or shimmering qualities, as the two colors blend and reflect light differently. This shot effect is often used in textiles such as silk, taffeta, or other fine fabrics to add depth, richness, and visual interest.

What are shot fabrics used for?

Shot fabrics can be used for various applications, including clothing, upholstery, drapery, and accessories, where the play of colors can enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of the item. The suitability of what projects you will use shot fabrics on will depend on which type of fabric it is - such as silk, organza, linen, cotton etc.

Where to buy shot fabrics

The Remnant Warehouse often has shot fabrics. These have all been sourced as designer remnants.