2020 January Bushfire Appeal

January 2020 Bushfire Appeal

$10 from every online order over $50 placed with The Remnant Warehouse for the whole month of January will be donated to the Australian Red Cross

As I sit here today and type this, over 5 million hectares of our country has been burnt to the ground in the worst bushfires our nation has ever seen. We are also being told that it is predicted to get worse.

Thousands of homes have been lost, 24 people have been confirmed dead (including some of our emergency workers trying to stop the blazes) and others missing. Entire towns have been evacuated in a hurry, millions of animals have lost their homes and their lives. It's hard to comprehend the amount of devastation these fires have caused.

For the entire month of January, The Remnant Warehouse will be donating $10 from each online order over $50 to the Australian Red Cross, to help continue their work deploying trained staff and emergency funds to those affected by the bushfires. You can read more about how the Australian Red Cross are providing relief here.