In the last 24 hours, the country, if not the world has gone nuts over Meghan Markle's dress by Sydney based Australian Designer Karen Gee. So much so, that their website went down as sale for the $1800 dress, described on the website as "a simple, structured fit designed to contour the body for a sleek silhouette" sky rocketed. 

I have to admit, I'm also in love with this look! I've been seeing a lot of this style on Instagram lately from other designers too - some of whom we purchase our designer remnant rolls from, such as Bec & Bridge.

What's great about this dress is the fabric. It is thick, holds some body (and normally has some stretch) enabling you to create a beautiful form fitting dress without being able to see absolutely every 'in and out bit' on our bodies. It really compliments a woman's body perfectly!

Seeing as the dress has all sold out, and let's face it, not all of us have a spare 2k to through at a dress, I wanted to share some ideas for creating your own version of this inspired and highly covetted look.

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Meghan Markle Dress- The Pattern

This dress is a simple midi-length sheath dress. We have a couple of ideas of patterns that could create a similar look.

Vogue V9202

Vogue V9102

Vogue V9025

Make your own Meghan Markle Dress with Bonded Crepe

This dress is made from a bonded crepe fabric. Thankfully, we have so many options to choose from!

If you would like to recreate this dress in the same colour, we'd recommend Thick Bonded Stretch Crepe- Vanilla Ice cream 

You could really let your imagination run wild however, as we have a variety of pinks, purples, blues, beiges, black and even yellow!

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As always, we recommend getting a sample first to check the weight, colour and stretch!