We’ve been doing our best to find ways to reduce our impact on the environment, and one of the measures we took some time ago was to remove single use plastic checkout bags.

We encourage all our customers to bring their own bags to the store when they shop- even better to bring one that they’ve made themselves using remnant fabrics (like this gorgeous bag here), to save fabric waste! The time has come, when even the large suppermarket chains have removed single use plastic bags, it should become habit now to always leave home with a bag, or take a larger hand bag or shoulder bag with you to free up your arms on the way home. I know there have been days when I’ve made some ‘accidental’ purchases at work- but the great thing about fabric is that you can just unfold one of the larger pieces and put the others inside and swing it over your shoulder like a sack!

We’d love to see your #memade bags in